On Saturday I did my good deeds… drank some really good Central Coast Brewery beer… and hung out with some cool dudes! I went up and moved dirt for about four hours with the FASTA trail building crew in the EUCS grove up behind Cal Poly. They have been working on a sweet trail system with the downhiller and free-ride enthusiasts in mind. It consists of wooden features, big berms and some good sized booters!

My groups’ main task was to dig a trench and install a retaining wall near the start of the trail to allow for more room to stage before ripping the downhill. I guess the city wants riders to stop and read the rules before heading down the trail, so building a “resting/staging” area was necessary. We then cut back the burm that was previously there to provide a smooth entry from the kiosk area to the trail. It is hard moving all that dirt and rocks, and I totally appreciate all the work the trail building dudes put in. I am going to start coming to all the work days from here on out.

After cleaning up and putting away the tools we were lucky enough to tap the keg of tasty Central Coast Brewery beer that Jim brought as reward for shoveling dirt! I met a bunch of new people and Jim shared some cool stories of his mountain biking days when the first full suspension bikes came out. Anybody remember the 2” travel elastomer suspension from back in the day?

FASTA and CCCMB are the reasons we are able to ride such great trails here in San Luis Obispo! I just wanted to say thanks!