So my new bike finally came in!!! 2013 Santa Cruz Highball Carbon, XTR everything with Shadow Plus rear derailleur, Thompson masterpiece post, Easton ea70 bars, Fox CTD 100mm fork, WTB Silverado titanium railed saddle, and for now my Easton EA90xc wheels… Until the Enves come in! I am so lucky to be able to ride such a nice bike and I really think that it will help my competitive edge on many of the smoother races I will be competing in. Including Sea Otter this weekend!!

Bike in box

From loft

So now I just have to assemble all the pieces and turn my living room back into a livable area, with the highball as the centerpiece of course!! Everything was going great and things were going together perfectly… Until I put on the rear wheel! Oh no, I do not have the proper end caps to convert to the 142x12mm through axle!! I had the 135x12mm but obviously those won’t do any good so I started calling shops and running around trying to scrounge them up.

wheel caps

Luckily, after going to two other shops, I stopped by Arts Cyclery. Bingo!! They had in stock the same exact Ea90xc wheel that I had, and the 142×12 spacers were in the box!! After talking to the manager they hooked me up by selling me those and ordering new ones. Thanks guys!! I was so worried that I would not find them, and then not be able to pre-ride my bike and dial it in.

So here it is!!! All complete, dialed in and adjusted to my riding preferences! It weighs in a bit over 21 lbs, so thats pretty sweet! And it rides amazing… On the couple rides I have gone on so far, my uphill times have significantly reduced! Standing out of the saddle and hammering the pedals has never been so fun!