Here is a very quick and very un-timely update on Sea Otter Pro XC race two weekends ago. Basically the start went fairly well, and managed to funnel onto the dirt in about 40th position. I picked off a few guys before heading to the single track where I felt a little held up by the mediocre pace.


Thanks Max Houtzager for the Awesome Pic!

Then, around mile 7 we hit some double track fire road and I made up a few more spots. The dust was really bad on the one technical section of the race, the sandy rutted downhill that I am sure claimed a few riders that day. I got stuck in a rut going about 25 miles per hour, and I went down… hard.  Hard enough to crack my new helmet and give me a concussion that made my memory all sluggish for about 15 minutes. I rode the next two miles with the Awesome Nitish Nag who is an Emt and was so nice to assess me and tell me his concerns that I should get checked out. He put his race on the line for me, and I really appreciate it. Thanks man that was really cool of you.

So I got checked out at about mile 12 or so by two cool medics. I really still wanted to finish the race. Is that bad? So after them expressing their concerns that I should take it easy, I set off with a fairly brisk pace and rode the last 8 miles. It was actually pretty fun cruising by myself out there, and being grateful that I was ok from the fall. Crossing the line, my wonderful girlfriend Maddie, my teammates and some buddies of mine were there waiting. Of course they were pretty worried since I was the second to last rider to cross the line 99/100 and about 30 minutes back from the front. Not too shabby, haha.


Maddie and I at the finish line

I got a full assessment by the medics at the venue and they told me to take it easy for a few days and try to get plenty of rest and mind relaxation. All in all Sea Otter was pretty awesome! I have never been to the venue or race before so it was a pretty cool first experience, even though I did get a concussion!


The Coolest part about Sea Otter is that all three of the teammates were in one spot! Clint Claassen on the left, Marshall Eames and me. It was awesome hanging out with them! And great job to Clint who finished the Pro XC race in 36th position! Right up there with some very well-known professionals!! And Marshall who raced pro Downhill. He still managed to have a solid run despite taking a spill. He was definitely the talk of the downhill course because he was sporting an all white custom Capo skinsuit! Awesome!


Post Xc race with all our brand new Carbon Santa Cruz bikes in hand!