Yesterday I did the biggest most insane ride ever with friends Menso and Brendan, I thought I’d tell you guys how sick it was! It ended up being 75 miles, about 11k feet of climbing and mostly all singletrack! It was so awesome! Menso Stashed a beer cooler at about mile 45 (6 hours into our ride), and that saved the three of us. I think we all Bonked a couple times, but just kept riding. 8hrs of moving time and 9.5 hrs total! Man, that was the hardest ride I have ever done, but the singletrack was amazing! I’ll be recovering the rest of this week, that’s for sure.

See the mountain ridge in the distance? That’s the next peak where we were heading. When I took this picture we were about 4 hrs in, and had already climbed a mountain like that one.


This was our resting stop where we crammed our faces with ride food. Luckily I also brought along a potato egg burrito. Tasty. Menso Has his face stuffed with Clif Bars as you can see. Literally.


After about 7 hrs of riding, your technical ability starts to slack off. We came around the bend of the trail and found Menso “resting” for a bit. Luckily it was soft sand he landed on! Thumbs up!


Thanks guys for an awesome day, and perfect trail knowledge. Brendan, thanks for sharing the secret trails.