The Santa Cruz Super Enduro proved to be an awesome day, with some extremely fast competition, lots of socializing, and sweeeet trails! I managed to pull off two clean runs, but… of course I crashed at the bottom of sawpit which probably cost me 15-20 seconds. I ended up 19th out of about 35 pros, so I guess that’s not too shabby, especially since I have only ridden each of those trails 3-4 times. Course knowledge is definitely key there because the trails are technical with multiple lines, some of which are slower, some faster. I felt really solid riding my new Tallboy LTc. It is seriously an amazing and capable bike, and I haven’t been able to push it to its limits yet. The 140mm of Fox suspension makes trail chatter, rocks and drops feel like child’s play. After the racing was over Marshall, Clint and my buddy Jeremy went out for one last bonus loop on Sawpit where I got redemption over my crash earlier in the day. Once we got back to the festivities, we cracked open a couple beers and continued to enjoy the Enduro lifestyle. I dig it!



Post race, we were ready to keep riding!

photo 3