I wanted to share a few photos from my Christmas “vacation”. I took a few days off work to hang with my family in the Napa Valley and get a few good rides in while enjoying the amazing weather. My first adventure was a group ride with my buddies. We hit the trails in Fairfax on the winter solstice, and we actually rode a trail called Solstice, so that was cool! My buddy Josh snapped a couple sweet photos (the one by the water tower and the group photo). Thanks dude! The other photos were taken on two other solo rides I did in Saint Helena. The wine stave wooden feature is pretty sick, it was spotted on my ride in Angwin (where the Napa Valley Dirt Classic & Howell Mountain Challenge races are held) Of course you would see this in wine country! The others were on my epic 42 mile 6.5k elevation day from Saint Helena to Calistoga along the mountain ridge. My Tallboy LTc is the perfect machine for the gnarly rocks on the Oat Hill Mine trail up on the Palisades of Calistoga. The rock formations are pretty spectacular, and the trials put hair on your chest. If you’ve never ridden there, check it out!

I am so happy to be healthy, have a great family, awesome friends, and amazing bikes / trails to ride. Happy new year, bring on 2014!