It’s been a while since I last blogged about riding/racing or just general exciting events, so I better give a quick update on how the season is going so far.
Now that I have graduated and have a full-time job at Studios Architecture in San Fran, riding my bike has become my post-work nightcap. Charging the headlights and heading out in the dark became the norm through the winter months and even though it’s sometimes hard to get motivated after a full day in the office, I still managed to get some solid time on my mountain bike. My focus has changed a little bit since last year due to my work schedule and San Francisco living. Last season I spent quite a bit of time on my road bike, with long hours staring at my heart rate monitor. This season I have spent all of my training time on my mountain bike, with no heart rate monitor to suck the fun away. Pedaling over the golden gate and up into Marin headlands has become my usual training routine, where I can explore new trails and change up the route pretty easily. And now that it’s staying lighter later, my motivation for riding after work has gone up significantly. As for racing this season, it’s been going pretty well with a podium or win at every race I’ve entered (except for Sea Otter of course). Races I have done so far are the TBF Race (1st place), a CCCX (3rd), The Big Sandy (2nd), Napa Valley Dirt Classic (3rd), Sea Otter Classic (52), and the Lumerian Classic (2nd). I plan to start ramping up training even more in preparation for the upcoming races. Downieville All Mountain is in the forecast. See my next posts for photos!